Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Deerin's Gang of 4 Hates Charter Schools

The Gang of 4: Barter, Garrett, Lecque, and Ramich

The Super PAC controlled by Ginny Deerin and the Chamber of Commerce is plastering the names of the Gang of 4 all over Charleston County. These are supporters of Superintendent Nancy McGinley and her policies, handpicked for their ignorance of what really goes on in the district. Their qualifications? All will support the superintendent come hell or high water.

Anyone who believes in charter schools and in establishing new charter schools in the county should shun these candidates. Their goal is to tamp down wherever possible any spark to "go charter."

The reality is that the majority of Charleston County's voters want charter schools. Charter schools, unlike those run by the superintendent and school board, must meet certain standards or go out of business. Parents like competition. Superintendents do not.

We have nine charter schools in Charleston County in spite of virulent opposition from this superintendent and her predecessors. The superintendent and her lackeys would rather see students stuck in failing schools than fhriving in charters that she cannot control. Opponents even suggest that charter schools are not really public and cherry-pick students. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

The success of the Charleston School for Math and Science is a case at hand. Despite the handwringing of the NAACP and CCSD, the school has thrived with a diverse student body achieving high standards. In fact, that school is the only one on the peninsula without admissions testing that has a diverse student body.

CSMS is making CCSD look bad. Deerin's Gang of 4 will make sure that charters field no more competition to CCSD's iron control.

There's one more public forum at the College of Charleston Wednesday night: ask the candidates.


D20 said...

The schools that "are not really public and cherry-pick students" are CCSD's magnet schools. Unlike public charter schools, magnet schools don't have to comply with any rules except the ones that CCSD makes up as it goes. As for racial diversity among the magnet schools, it doesn't exist. Buist Academy has an enrollment of less than 12% African-American.

Phydough said...

Attention: Charleston County Schools are For Sale. The sales price is cheap. Just elect a compliant board. A couple of hundred thousand dollars can leverage it and it's being paid for by those who have received sweet deals for years by district officials.

Don't forget the shake down of contractors to fund a going away party for the superintendent back in 2007. The district's number 3 man was the enforcer. Bet he's doing it again.

The board is just a rubber stamp for a good reason. Keep them in the dark and quiet as taxpayers, teachers and students continue to be short changed by those who are robbing the public schools blind.

What say ye, gang of four?

Charters said...

And once again CCSD refuses to listen to public support for the Rivers Education Center and allowing all of Charleston Charter School for Math and Science to occupy the building. Instead, the Middle School will remain in trailers (5 years running now) with no new building planned and the phantom Lowcountry Tech in its place.
Nancy McGinley offered her opinion in an Op-Ed from 10/25 and it was not good news for the charter school. Future Board Members need to examine this crazy idea and waste of taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Just move the CCSMS middle school classes into the Rivers Building until the "phantom" school is ready to operate ("wink-wink-nod-nod"). We know that's never going to happen. There should be adequate space in the Rivers Building. After all, what can CCSD really do? Evict them? Force the issue.