Monday, October 22, 2012

Kusmider on Small Schools Points to Buist Academy

Funny how the Charleston County School Board of Trustees can't see its own irony and hypocrisy as shown in the following letter from Ted Kusmider, a District 20 parent, that appeared in last week's P&C:
      "Charleston County School District says they can’t rebuild an elementary school at Sullivan’s Island with a capacity of less than 500 students.
      "Funny. CCSD is rebuilding Buist Academy, serving kindergarten through eighth grade, in my backyard with a maximum capacity of 410 students.
      "To date, it is still not filled to capacity, despite hundreds on the waiting list. Yet there’s still no plan for expansion. When are the parents of Charleston County going to unite and say “enough of this nonsense”?
Maybe a few more lawsuits will focus its attention.


FB said...

CCSD's motto should be "Duplicity and hypocrisy are our standards" not the trite one their spin factory currently uses.

Anonymous said...

When CCSD School Board members stop believing everything McGinley and her very highly-paid lackey Bill Lewis tell them.

Wando Warrior said...

Off topic: The East Cooper school board candidate forum was much more active than what the P&C reporter said once the question about endorsements came up. Too bad real questions about influence couldn't be asked. Special interests have put forward a slate of four rubber stampers, plastered the county with their signs to make them look the part, paid out more than $40,000 per candidate and still they want to say no one is buying them. I don't believe it, but will 35,000 voters be wise to this scam?

Alex said...

I think Wando means 'will 35,000 voters be taken in by this scam?'

Probably, if that's what it takes to win a seat of the school board.

You can fool all of the people some of the time. That's all an election requires.

Anonymous said...

The candidates who said "I am endorsed by no one and have not taken money from special interest groups" have ALL asked for donations from private citizens. Does that mean they will be in those donors "pockets"? What candidate is using his/her own money?

Typines said...

Contributions from individuals are a lot different and closer to grass roots support. Receiving large sums from a single corporate sponsor or a super PAC implies the recipient is tied to a very narrow agenda. This one has even made its agenda known. It's to support a non-charter approach to school management and to maintain the status quo.