Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wilmot Fraser Calls CCSD Like It Is

Check out Tuesday's P & C for a Letter to the Editor from Wilmot Fraser, who the reporter claimed was thrown out of last week's School Redesign meeting at Burke High School. [See School Closings Threaten Communities' Culture, History. Photo courtesy of P&C.]

Fraser puts the Charleston County School District's suggested District 20 closings in the proper perspective (something that both Superintendent McGinley and the reporter lacked):

"This meeting was clearly structured not to solicit public opinion regarding proposed school closings and restructuring but to sell the public the point of view that the current economic crisis demands that public schools as we know them be shuttered and deconstructed to achieve false economies. The public clearly rejected all of the administrative proposals. No one spoke in favor."

"I personally criticized the planned closing of Wilmot J. Fraser Elementary. Its closing would tearing apart the history and culture of the community it serves because schools are not just buildings but cultural legacies of how to teach and learn successfully that can serve us well long-term if we bother to understand them."

". . . if we bother to understand them." There's nothing quite as valuable as boots on the ground.

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