Tuesday, December 09, 2008

CCSD School Redesign's Ramifications

While we all scramble to get our heads around the complex changes proposed by CCSD's erstwhile Superintendent McGinley, at the behest of Gregg Meyers & Co., here are a few observations, with more to come later on specific proposals:
  • If citizens' concerns raised during the first round of public meetings affected this redesign, its complexity hides the results;
  • None of the information indicates what will happen to the buildings and land around the closed schools--it's a great time for a fire sale, isn't it, real estate values being so high and all;
  • McGinley's blaming closures on the present economic crisis; however, the true culprits here are those in the state legislature who changed the way schools are funded;
  • Weren't we happy last night to see "experienced educator" Jane Riley complimenting the district on its plans? Let's hear more of her ideas. We're all ears.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Jane Riley, Mayor Joe's sister who runs that crazy after-school program?

Babbie said...

One and the same.

Anonymous said...

I must add, an after school program with NO proven results, just non stop federal and state money pouring in!

Anonymous said...

Now, now...don't be so cynical. They taught my daughter how to Step like no other in her after-school program. Too bad she wasn't learning her multiplication facts during the school day.