Friday, December 19, 2008

Brian, You Expect CCSD to Make Sense?

According to Brian Hicks in Friday's P & C,
It just doesn't make sense to some folks on Johns Island.

Why would you completely rebuild a school and then, three years later, stick it on a list of possible facilities to close?

[See Close St. John's, Heart and Soul of Community?]

Who knows how much has been spent in the last three years on upgrading schools that CCSD now plans to close?

Wouldn't that data be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Not only does the administration's proposals make no sense, they aren't telling us what they should already know about public school enrollments as the economy tanks.

If they won't present all the facts we can at least learn from others. This quote is from the Seattle Times yesterday.

"...when more children enroll in public schools, the state must pay for their basic education as required in the state Constitution. Washington [state] currently is seeing a spike in enrollment, in part, some officials think, because many financially strapped parents are pulling their kids out of private school."

The unexpected reversal this year of the decades long and steady decline in Charleston's public school enrollment can't be all that removed from the same realities.