Thursday, December 04, 2008

School Board Thinks It Supercedes SC Legislature

My conscience is clear. I didn't swallow the promises made by Collins, Fraser, Green, and Oplinger to support charter schools. I wonder how all those parents at Drayton Hall Elementary who voted for them feel now. Cheated? Betrayed? [See Drayton Hall Denied Charter]

Meanwhile, the Charleston County School Board has decided to rewrite the rules for charter schools set down by the state legislature. Six members of CCSD's Board don't like the law, so they've decided to ignore it until someone forces them to pay attention. Fortunately, this time they're not dealing with those with no money or influence, so repercussions will be forthcoming. Prepare yourself for seeing more school budget money going to defend lawsuits. Sigh.

This law-breaking decision became entirely predictable when these four cheerleaders for 75 Calhoun were elected. Hold onto your hat. It's going to get worse.

They're so dense that they don't realize that every time they oppose charter schools they add more support for school vouchers.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion (hey, look, Jon Butzon!!). Instead of just playing musical chairs by removing the principals from failing schools every couple of years, CCSD should consider converting its worst program failures into charter schools. Because Burke will have completed another 3 year cycle next year as a failing school, CCSD will again officially "fire" its principal. That's what they will tell the state, but he'll just retire again and return to NC. That was the plan all along.

Why not use the little known and never discussed option of turning a school like Burke into a charter school? It has been CCSD's choice to keep this school bogged down with its crazy requirements. There are plenty of historically Black urban high schools that have successfully followed this route. If CCSD was really for improving schools like Burke instead of retaining control, it would have done this already.

CCSD is fighting change and holding the entire community back while it struggles to blame school failures on others when it’s been their responsibility all along. If money was really the issue, it would have thrown Burke in the direction of going charter long ago. If you believe CCSD's figures, Burke would save CCSD millions annually if it went charter. When it comes to CCSD's opposition to charter schools, it's not the money, honey.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but it does deal with the way CCSD spins its agenda to hide the facts.

Tonight they report the pending closure or 20 or more schools out of 80. At least Chris Collins is saying he doesn't understand it all. Don't worry Mr. Collins, you're not alone. Nobody understands it. CCSD isn't going to explain it either, except with catchy phrases and dumb-down logic. They really do take us all as fools.

Then there's the way the CCSD PR people work the press by giving them shills like this. I really enjoyed Channel 4's taped comments from an "experienced educator" in support of CCSD's administration.

How objective can Jane Riley really be? She's the damn mayor's sister! Of course she thinks everything is fine with selling more public real estate cheap to private developers. Her brother is of the same opinion.