Sunday, December 21, 2008

Williams's Op-Ed Explains All for CCSD's Meyers

Gregg Meyers of the Charleston County School Board: good buddy of editor emeritus Barbara Williams.

Just in case you ever wondered why Meyers has such good press from the P & C, the answer appears from perusal of Sunday's op-ed commentary, Charter Schools, Old and New, Still a District Sore Point. Williams carefully clarifies all of Meyers's objections to charter schools, especially his "concerns" over the Board's supervision of James Island Charter High School.

Please, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Don't forget who's the real impetus behind restructuring and closing schools--and making life as hard as possible for the Charter School for Math and Science. If Meyers had not proposed to Superintendent McGinley that she come back to the Board with a plan, none of the nonsense we're dealing with right now would be happening.

Did it occur to Meyers that such proposals would make the idea of charter schools even more attractive in CCSD?

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Underdog said...

Meyers is a snake. His explanation of not attending ANY of the community meetings because he couldn't attend ALL of them SAYS IT ALL...sssss...