Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Palmetto Scholars Academy Lauded; US Education Department Sends $30 Million to Support SC Charter Schools

Palmetto Scholars Academy, a Charleston County charter school, is leading the way in how to develop programs outside the Charleston County School District. Despite its location in an old building on the Navy Yard, it has built up its tri-county student body from 183 to 430 in the last five years. PSA specializes in gifted and talented programs. This year 300 students entered a lottery for 100 slots for next year. According to Stacey Lindbergh, chairwoman of its board of directors, "We have parents who drive right by beautiful schools to a run-down area of the old Navy Yard to go to school, and they go because of choice."

CCSD has no role in PSA's governance or support, as it was approved by the statewide Public Charter School District. Now the US Department of Education has plans to give $30 million to South Carolina to support development of more charter schools for the state.

Needless to say, Charleston Branch NAACP President Dot Scott believes that it's all a plot to keep "separate and unequal schools."

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