Sunday, December 13, 2015

Early Christmas Present from CCSD's Todd Garrett

Sunday's op-ed by the Charleston County School Board's Chairman of Audit and Finance promises change, big-time change.

For starters, as Garrett puts it, "as we went into this budget season, staff didn't have a clue as to what a bad situation we were in." He promises, "We are cleaning house." In the course of making this year's cuts, he also promises that the board will not raise taxes nor "harm teachers in the classroom."

But, wait--it gets better!

Garrett promises a "zero-based budgeting process" in the future that will cut both fat and bureaucracy.

Finally, Garrett promises that those who blithely overspent their budgets year after year--district employees--will be gone if not gone already. Some departures have slowed so that the "district is not liable for future lawsuits."

Garrett talks a good game and promises that Superintendent Postlewait is on board. Wish them good luck and pressure the other Board members to get with the program.


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Anonymous said...

How about instead of hiring tons of people to observe teachers at district they use only school staff unless the teacher gets severely low score. That would cut a ton of salaries.
also every time they get rid of a position the next month two are hired in its place at double the salary!

So they plan to observe teachers yet have no money to pay bonuses, cola, or even pay raise.
why would teachers care then.......

SC is requiring observation and scoring on teachers in Columbia so time for the Governor to pay for all her great ideas she requires but never pays for! oh wait they could use that 800 dollar bonus teachers didn't get!