Tuesday, December 08, 2015

CCSD's Math Standards Burning, Burning Tax Dollars for Years

Wondering how Charleston County School District administration and principals managed to outspend their budgets over past years? Here's an example from 2010:

Kent Riddle of the Charleston Teachers Alliance revealed a telling example of mismanagement in the Charleston County School District in Wednesday's P&C. [See Charleston County District Puts Teachers in Financial Bind ]. You might say it is CCSD's mini-version of math wars.

To quote:
About three years ago the district put together a team to create a large Math Coherent Curriculum Manual the year before the state math standards were going to change.
The next year a completely new, and equally large, Math Coherent Curriculum Manual had to be created and distributed with the new standards.
Last year, the district spent millions adopting a new math series that has to be taught page by page in order to be effective. Thus, teachers could no longer follow the scope and sequence of the one-year-old Math Coherent Curriculum Manual, making it obsolete.
To top it off, the "new" math series is the same math series the CCSD got rid of five years ago.
Wanna bet this flip-flopping required the purchase of all new books and materials? Wouldn't you love to see an estimate of the actual cost of the duplicate manuals that are now useless?
Riddle has some other cogent points about why the district should not lay its financial burdens on the backs of its teachers. Too bad most of them cannot speak out for fear of losing their jobs.

And all of this happened before the Common Core math standards were adopted--those that are now being revised. 

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