Monday, December 07, 2015

2009 Rewards for CCSD Administrators--In 2015, Obviously Not Worth the Raises

From July 2009, as teachers' salaries were reduced:

These people--Eliot Smalley and Audrey Lane--are so central to the Charleston County School District's success that they deserve raises to the six-figure bracket when teachers are being let go and class sizes are rising. That's how educrats like Superintendent Nancy McGinley think.

What ever happened to "victory begins in the classroom"? Just a slogan.

So points out Carol M. Peecksen, a retired CCSD English teacher, in a Letter to the Editor published Wednesday and titled "Raises Wrong." [See Letters to the Editor.] Peecksen was responding to an earlier editorial in the P & C that pointed out that CCSD now has 20 members in its "six-figure club." Not one of those is "in the classroom." Instead, those "in the classroom" have their salaries reduced with "furlough days."

As the prior editorial pointed out, "The raises should make those two employees happy. The district's other 5,374 employees are probably wondering what happened to theirs." Right. Especially since they too have been asked to perform additional duties.
Who on the School Board looks out for the little guy? Not Green, Jordan, Oplinger, Collins, Meyers, or FraserThose members were only too happy to go along with this idiocy. I wonder if those teachers and staff who voted for them are happy now?

And with their now administratively-caused $18 million deficit.

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