Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Readers Shake Heads Over CCSD's "Word-class" Literacy Plan

Prioritizing goals is a must when you set 40 goals at one fell swoop, so it should come as no surprise that the Charleston County School Board has, after considerable input, set a list of its top five goals for emphasis. All are admirable, but as described by the reporter, some are mysterious, especially #2: "Develop word-class, intensely focused literacy plan for grades PK-12. . ."

We all can agree that literacy demands classes that focus on words, but somehow I suspect the goal is "world-class." After all, that's one of educrats' favorite adjectives.

The list also suggests that by December 2015 (two months away) #4, the plan to organize the district efficiently will be ready. Maybe that should read 2016? You never can be sure about the editing of this paper.

In fact, let's add goal #41: find an editor who is literate to proofread the Post and Courier. Evidently it doesn't have one at the moment.

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Tony Geinzer said...

The problems with Charleston County and "Word (World) Class" Literacy Plan are just another thorn in the day to day horrors of a mangled miseducation system. 1. Leaving Burke and their Stadium to the Wolves. 2. Gaming Free Food at the Expense of those who actually need Free Food and 3. Forensic Audits getting louder in recent issues of the Newsless Courier , requisite with an emotional and actual rebuilds to occur. I doubt I'd faithfully expect rats as authority figures, and sadly, that is the case. How many years has a forensic audit been resisted but ignored? If this was East St. Louis or Compton Schools, it'd be all over the news, and it is no longer a joke how Charleston County Schools handle business, and if they hired Rush Propst to coach Football after Colquitt County and Hoover, it would take the courts to fire him again. Sadly, Charleston County is becoming the de facto Blue Ribbon Golden Apple on how not to handle affairs or will become soon.