Friday, October 23, 2015

ACT's Figures Clash with P&C Reports on Abysmal SC Results

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I want an explanation.

Friday's article on state ACT results clearly states that in the spring of 2015 "all high school juniors statewide were required to take the ACT college entrance exam." According to the reporters, less than half of SC's seniors scored high enough to be considered ready for college courses as defined by the ACT. 

If that weren't bad enough, the results for black students were horrendously worse. 

The article assumes that all SC juniors took the ACT. How then do the reporters explain the ACT's statistics here that show that only 62 percent of juniors did, up from 58 percent the previous year?


Schooled by Anonymous!
Thanks to an astute reader I have that explanation I desired. The ACT percentage I quoted is for 2015 graduates; the new statistics are for 2016 seniors. Muchas gracias, even if you did insult me gratuitously.

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Anonymous said...

The ACT SC profile report states 62% of SC's 2015 high school graduates took the ACT. The juniors you're referring to - the 100% group - comprises the class of 2016.

Now that that's off your plate, go get yourself riled up about some other non issue.