Tuesday, October 06, 2015

$18 Million Just a "Blip" in CCSD's Budget

Can anyone say, "forensic audit"?

"A payroll miscalculation" left the district with $14 million in expenses that exceeded the budget of the Charleston County School District. And somehow $4 million more was a shortfall in property taxes. 

Is it too rude of me to ask who miscalculated and what was the miscalculation? Please don't suggest that the "computer" did it. Last time I looked CCSD's Chief Financial Officer Michael Bobby was in charge of such calculations. He's had too many duties? Well, how did that happen? He didn't assign them to himself!

According to CCSD Board member Todd Garrett "as chairman of the board’s audit and finance committee, he accepts some of the blame for the budget error. The committee reviews the annual budget and recommends action to the full board." Yes, and it presumably counts on figures presented by the Chief Financial Officer.

Here's a thought: CCSD needs a new and more qualified financial officer. Bobby does not have the financial background and education to be in charge of a budget of over $800 million.

Here's another thought: how could there be a better time for a forensic audit of the district?

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