Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CCSD's Forensic Audit--Too Good to Be True?

How much of an audit is necessary?

That's the question, according to Charleston County School Board member Todd Garrett.  After proposing a forensic audit for the district, Garrett seems to be getting cold feet over its cost. Maybe the "scope selected" will include an abbreviated look at previous years in the district.

What, he thought it would be low cost? 

After receiving an initial report from two consultants called in to assess the $18 million shortfall, the district will now put into effect best practices recommended by the professionals: "meeting quarterly with the county finance department, auditor, and treasurer, and reviewing payroll expenses monthly."  Perhaps if CCSD had a more professionally-qualified financial officer, these procedures would not be new.

The person most responsible for CCSD finances, Chief Financial Officer Michael Bobby has said, "A forensic audit would indicate someone stole, embezzled, defrauded. That's not what this is about." Well, he would be the authority on such problems, wouldn't he?

Heaven forbid we should discover fraud, embezzling, stealing, or (gosh) bribes in the district! 

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Tony Geinzer said...

I really think that the public is speaking louder about how much of their money is being embezzled. I don't even sense a shremp of "Where Not Shocked, But, We're Not Thrilled" and it is not good.