Sunday, September 06, 2015

What Ever Happened to Dorchester District 4?

Here's a question for reporter Brenda Rindge and our erstwhile newspaper: Did you forget that Dorchester District 4 exists?

How else to explain that under the headline, "Tri-county enrollment continues to climb," would you list totals for Dorchester 2, Berkeley, and Charleston County schools. Tri-county means "three counties" the last time I checked.

Maybe Rindge should consider that the stats for Dorchester County versus the other two look so good because that county is split in two? I don't recall seeing any stories about the problems of the other half of that county, either. Maybe that has something to do with the larger black population of Dorchester District 4; maybe our reporters are geographically-challenged.

And while I'm wondering if our local paper has any editors, the following grammatical atrocity did not escape notice. In writing about the new St. Andrews Elementary, the reporter noted that "The school has roughly the same amount of students as it previously did."

She weighed them?

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