Wednesday, September 09, 2015

CCSD's Herring Back in Controversy: CAO, DSFA, or Gone?

The gang that couldn't shoot straight, AKA the Charleston County School Board, has Lisa Herring, Chief Academic Officer [CAO], in its sights once again. You may recall the fiasco caused by naming her as one of three finalists for the position now held by Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait and then backing down because she had no experience as a superintendent. It should come as no surprise that Herring has hired ex-Superintendent McGinley's lawyer.

Now plans are afoot to renegotiate the terms of her contract, an issue discussed in executive session at a special meeting on Tuesday. Board member Chris Collins, a candidate for mayor of North Charleston, spilled the beans, or most of them, to reporter Deanna Pan. Accordingly, the following news appeared Wednesday:
"Board member Chris Collins, who abstained from voting [to approve a confidential motion], later told The Post and Courier the motion included several proposals regarding Herring’s employment in the district, such as “some type of settlement” that would allow her to continue working through the end of school year and a “clean buyout.”

“The overall goal was to try to get rid of her. But there was one offer to restore her position,” Collins said.

"Herring’s contract was last amended in November following McGinley’s resignation. She was promoted to deputy superintendent for academics [DFSA] and given a $4,200 monthly supplement to her salary. Under the terms of her contract addendum, Herring is “entitled to continue employment as in a position comparable to her former role as CAO” as soon as the board hires a new superintendent or in the event she that “is no longer designated as DSFA.”
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at these executive sessions?

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