Friday, September 11, 2015

Burke's Stoney Field is CCSD's Shame

How much has the Charleston County School District spent on renovations and new buildings in the last few years? Tens of millions of dollars. Yet Burke High does not yet have a "level playing field" (pun intended) for its football team. And it appears that CCSD plans no renovation of Stoney Field for the near future.

And they wonder why students choose to go elsewhere?

Now Burke will be playing its "home" games at the stadium built in West Ashley for St. Andrews Parish High School only 55 years ago. That should help with attendance from the local neighborhood. Not.

What makes renovation of such low priority? Is there some kind of conspiracy here, or is CCSD run by idiots?


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Tony Geinzer said...

I feel Burke has been left in such sham shape that even South Carolina's Political Contingent has tried and again in closing Burke, and I feel Stoney Field should have been maintained, not neglected.