Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fixing CCSD's North Charleston High School Overnight

Finally, thanks to a somewhat biased series of articles on the Charleston County School District's students who have been left behind, the logjam in the district seems to be breaking up. Not only has the proposal been made to put the Lowcountry Tech into Burke (the NAACP's Dot Scott must be apoplectic!!!), but School Board member Michael Miller has made the most revolutionary suggestion of all: stop overloading NCHS with students reading at (or below!) the fourth-grade level.

The feeder schools for the high school should not be sending students reading on that low level on to the ninth grade. Major intervention needs to occur. It's cruel to send such students into a situation where they cannot succeed! That's more cruel than repeating a year containing intensive reading instruction.

Of course, NCHS needs more varied courses for its students. However, loading it with all the courses in the world will not solve the problem of seriously deficient freshmen.

This solution is so politically incorrect, Michael Miller, that I'm surprised the newspaper reported it!

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