Sunday, August 03, 2014

CCSD's Incestuous Relationship with Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce never saw a sales tax it didn't like, but then who would expect it to advocate for the poor or even (gasp!) small businesses. 

Once again, the Chamber will run the campaign to convince Charleston County voters to vote against their own best interests and approve extending the one-percent sales tax for the Charleston County School District. Let's see if the voters can be fooled twice.

Point man for both the CCSD Board of Trustees and the Chamber is, you guessed it, Chris Fraser, who is a
member of the Board and chairman of the Chamber. How cosy. Needless to say, the Chamber always manages (with the collusion of CCSD) to have its own representative elected to the Board.

Fraser is a perfect example of how a supposedly non-partisan position can be used to advance interests other than those of students. Remember the payments to fired teachers who didn't get their proper hearings when Board members didn't show up? Fraser missed 29 of those 30 meetings. Well, he had other business to take care of for the Chamber, no doubt. Why, Fraser even brags that he doesn't bill his expenses to the district. Too bad he can't be billed for the payments to those teachers.

While Chairman of the CCSD Board, Fraser also signed off on CCSD's Race-to-the-Top grant proposal without telling the other members of the Board. Hasn't that worked out well?

It's been 30 years since the voters have been asked to approve a library expansion program in Charleston County. A referendum will be on the ballot this fall. 

That's the tax that we should vote for!

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