Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CCSD Delays List for Projects Funded by Sales Tax Extension

What's the problem, folks? The Charleston County School Board, under the advice of Michael Bobby, has completed its list of projects to be funded by the sales tax extension up  for a vote this fall. Yet the list is so special that it can't be shared yet with the voters.

No doubt the propaganda campaign is still in the works. You know, the one that will guarantee that the measure will pass by giving every corner of Charleston County a reason to vote for its own pork.

No one disputes that some schools are needed, especially in fast-growing Mount Pleasant. Some of us thought two high schools were needed when they built the new Wando. But, please, schools of "advanced studies" at West Ashley and North Charleston High Schools? The latter, especially, has plenty of extra room already and was renovated recently. This need to spread the pork around for votes leads to unnecessary squandering of tax dollars. How about raising property taxes in parts of the district where schools are really needed instead.

Vote "no" on this sales tax extension. They can call it a "penny" all they want, but how many items do you purchase that cost a dime?




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Anonymous said...

Million$ wasted at North Charleston High School. And hundreds of thousand$ more on a multiyear contract for a completely ineffective, disengaging, clueless principal. Show the taxpayers the data on his "accomplishments" since he has been there.

Alex Peronneau said...

This referendum is based on the old principle of if they were stupid enough to take the bait once, they will do it again. What they aren't considering is this new referendum isn't painted as well as the one in 2010.

Charleston County voters are starting to be reminding of another principle. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." With so many promises broken with the last referendum, this one may go down in defeat only because no one believes it was an honest list of projects that will actually be built.

Babbie, you summed it up very well.