Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CCSD School Board Steps In It

Remember all those promises you made? It turns out some people want to hold the Charleston County School District to its promises. What a thought!

As a result, after foisting a 500-student building on a barrier island (Sullivans Island Elementary) because no school building could be built smaller, at a hurried last-minute meeting the school board voted to build a new school for fewer than 200 students in McClellanville. 

You can't make this stuff up.

A Letter to the Editor sums up this nightmare best:

Costly call
The 11th-hour decision by certain members of the Charleston County School Board to vote for a new $35 million Lincoln High School for, at best count, 170 kids, is an unmitigated folly of epic portions. 
Using fourth-grade math with second-grade logic should make it clear to anyone that this is a total misappropriation of public funds. 
When questioning the failures of the South Carolina education system, we should start with the failures of our local elected leaders. 
Joseph Wren
Carolina Isle
Mount Pleasant
Let's hear from our school board candidates on this decision! 

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Pluff Mudd said...

The Post & Courier reporter wasn't at the McClellanville meeting where well over 100 people representing a cross section of District One said they wanted a new and complete high school to be located closer to the center of growth East of the Cooper (Awendaw). No one said they wanted a new Lincoln High School. They wanted a new high school to draw students back to District One and to aleviate the over crowding in the northern end of District Two. In order to make that work, they need a school that would be on a par with the proposed 2nd high school that was promised in 2004, the one Mt. Pleasant won't see before 2019. Give these people in District One credit. They see the future more clearly than anyone at 75 Calhoun Street or at Bridgeview. Why wait until after 2019 when a 3rd high school for East Cooper will be a need met too late when more than 4,000 students will be attending Wando and the guard houses they built for the new multi-million dollar Advanced Studies building will be fulled armed. Wando is not an alternative to Lincoln, a new high school in Awendaw is.