Thursday, June 05, 2014

Stop CCSD Administrators' Bloated Pay Packages

The Charleston County School District remains topheavy with too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Neverless, Superintendent McGinley is determined to increase pay for administrators at a higher rate than that for those teachers who are on the front line everyday.

Who doesn't believe that those from "off" would take a lower salary just to live in the Lowcountry? Talk to medical students at MUSC and see the truth of that statement. The same undoubtedly holds true for incoming educrats. However, McGinley (and her school board of lackeys) commissioned a study several years back to justify having CCSD's administrative salaries equal to those of less desirable cities. 

Now, the chickens come home to roost: over $11.6 million in rising costs in the district is tied to employee pay raises, but only a quarter of that rise is due to increasing teachers' pay; nearly 75 percent ($8.5 million) is "partial implementation of a new salary study that will boost pay for some employees [i.e., not teachers!] based on market pay for similar positions." The district will dip into the "rainy day fund" so that taxes need not be raised.

Nice work if you are a friend of McGinley's--live in the Lowcountry and get paid as though you live in Podunk.


Anonymous said...

Not only administrator heavy....but also branches of administration heavy.
Who needs an education technology division, a computer support division, a information technology section and a testing computer administration. All of which have multiple positions under each part. It is crazy. Combine them all and shake out the bloat!

They are also hiring over 15 teacher evaluators at administrator pay. Wow of course it is there fault---teachers--- let's watch them and pay them less!

Anonymous said...

Hey Babbie why are we still map testing 3 times a year still now with the longer Common core map test.
Look what happened in Seattle after Goodloe Johnson was removed

Anonymous said...

There are a whole lot of shitty teachers out there. So, yeah its partially their fault. The dummies who hired them (admins) typically cant work through byzantine teacher dismissal policies so we're all left with the ineffective teachers being supervised by dummies. BUT STOP COMMON CORE

Anonymous said...

Why? Because no one here has the balls to say enoughs 's enough.
The Seattle community supports public education and public educators. When they said no to MAP, the community did too. That wouldn't happen here since teachers are all libtards who love Obummer but hate Rocky D.

Anonymous said...

One-There are many conservative republican teachers,
Two we are sick to death of new initiatives hit on like a bandaid before the last one is barely started.
three the NWEA doesn't is assuming their common core test is the same RIT scores as the last test even though the test is different.
They feed that line to the Supers who now are evaluating teachers on inaccurate data.
Who's clueless?