Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stealth Primary Run-off Sneaks to an End Today in SC

Can you believe the nerve of the editors of the P&C?

A recent lead editorial complained, actually complained, about low voter turnout in the primary this year! This from a newspaper that has almost totally ignored covering the candidacy of any person running in any primary. 

Our local rag has printed one article buried in the B section on the Democrat race for Superintendent of Education and a second also buried in the B section on the Republican. It's not your imagination that the paper has chosen to ignore political campaigns. It's relying on the Associated Press to provide South Carolina news.

In truth, the local TV stations haven't been much better. Next news item will be that voting in the run-off was lower than in the original primary. That was today, right?

Go figure. Gee, will it report on the general election?

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