Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brian Hicks Nominated for Copy Editor

No doubt you are as disgusted as I at the continual flubs in spelling, diction, and grammar perpetrated daily by the Post and Courier.

But wait! A solution has been found. Today columnist Brian Hicks revealed himself as a master of the English language. In fact, Hicks is so precise that he can critique the spoken as well as the written word. His Wednesday column proves his mettle. According to Hicks, when speaking one must always use "who" to refer to a person instead of "that," a nicety of the spoken word usually applied to writing.

Unfortunately, Hicks also misapplied "carpetbagger" to Sally Atwater. Those of us actually from the South are more attuned to the connotations of that word. Hicks thinks it applies to anyone born here who lives somewhere else for a period of time, hence his use of the derogatory term for Atwater. He also suggests that we're all "Republicans" now in his defense of Spearman's party switch.

Funny, Brian. I'll bet you aren't a RINO but a liberal Democrat, and you do fit the definition of "carpetbagger." Yet, we are so desperate for decent use of the English language by our local rag that we are willing to put up with that, or in this case, you.

Cut the column writing and address yourself to the copy. That change will be a great relief to all of us.

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