Monday, June 16, 2014

Arne Duncan Reveals Ignorance of SC Standards

Who does Arne Duncan think he is? Apparently he's so smug and arrogant that he believes that the Common Core standards are higher than what South Carolina had previously. That's what he stated (remotely, of course) at the Charleston County School District's indoctrination symposium last week.

Basically, he's lashing out now because he senses the battle for Common Core has been lost. South Carolina's standards haven't been its problem, but Duncan wouldn't know that.

The state's edublob spokesperson, CCSD's Superintendent McGinley, plans to end run the state legislature and implement Common Core without its name. She's just waiting for the next election to produce a state superintendent of education more amenable to CCSS, either a Democrat or RINO Molly Spearman.

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