Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No April Fool's Joke: CCSD's McGinley Offers Self as Example of Merger Benefit!

Instead of waiting until April 1st, Charleston County Superintendent Nancy McGinley on March 23rd presented her views of having a "comprehensive research" university in Charleston, most likely by merging the College of Charleston and MUSC. Perhaps she meant to send the letter to the Onion instead.

According to McGinley, she is a prime example of the benefits of growing up in such an area, or, to use her own words, "My own educational experience is a clear example of the importance of access to research institutions. My professional life was enriched by the robust intellectual environment that existed in Philadelphia, a city that was anchored by major research universities." Golly.

Well, we certainly could use more Nancy McGinleys in Charleston. 

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Jim Isle PhD said...

Look at me! What an ego-centric fool. And we all know exactly what how to respond when the person standing in the check-out line in front of us rudely admonishes an overworked clerk by saying, "We do this so much better up North".

Well, can just go back to Philly anytime now. She knows nothing of our institutions, least of all our educational ones. As for the "research" institution she attended, you can get an EdD almost anywhere these days, even on-line.