Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CCSD Social Studies Loses All Credibility

"Must S.C. students debate Darwinism?" screams the above-the-fold headline. From the reporter's point of view, the idea smacks of idiocy. From College of Charleston professor Rob Dillon, a measure just passed in the SC Education Oversight Ccommittee "is part of an effort to sneak creationism into public schools." Dillon probably checks under his bed each night to see if Bob Jones is hiding there.

Haven't they heard all the fuss about teaching "critical thinking"? What are educrats such as Dillon afraid of?

Maybe ignorance. One of the four votes against teaching "the controversy" was cast by Barbara Hairfield, "a Social Studies Curriculum Learning Specialist" (whatever that amounts to) in the Charleston County School District. Hairfield worries that "academic standards could possibly be interpreted as promoting a religion."

Hairfield is quoted as saying, "What does that say to our students who are Hindu or Jewish or Buddhist?" Some of us are hoping she was misquoted.

Yes, Hindus and Buddhists do not accept creationism because in their world views, the world is and always has been. But Jews?

Apparently Hairfield has never heard of the Torah. Where does she think the creation story comes from? This is CCSD's expert on social studies.

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Anonymous said...

If you're gonna teach Darwinism you have to teach I.D. Teaching chemistry will yield time to alchemy, astronomy invites astrology and on and on...Gravity is a theory. Wheres the push to teach fje controversy thers? REAL scientists welcome competing ideas. ID charlatans do not. Scientific knowledge grows via testing in the scientific process. ID is faith based. It abhors critical thought and looks for answers in the supernatural and in faith , those beliefs held even though no natural evidence supports them. If ID is your idea of science, then you know nothing about science.