Friday, April 04, 2014

Thurmond Takes Senate 2 by 4 to CCSD's Gnat of a Problem

One school board in the State of South Carolina has not managed to get its act together--or should we say, get its members together--to finish the appeals process for teachers not receiving continuing contracts last spring. Those teachers continue to receive money from the district.

Guess which one. Duh.

Senator Paul T. wants to change the appeals process statewide so that the Charleston County School Board can take care of business. This logic is akin to junking the car if one of the brakes starts to squeal.

How about putting the blame squarely where it belongs. If school board members are too busy with other, more important, aspects of their lives to provide a quorum for hearings, they should resign to be replaced by someone who can put school board business first.

It's a no brainer, Paul, unless you're trying to protect your buddies.

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