Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CCSD's Coats Needs Map-Reading Skills for Hursey

What is "walking distance" for an elementary school? No doubt Hursey Elementary School parents are asking themselves this very question.

According to Cindy Bohn Coats, Charleston County School Board Chairman, when Hursey becomes all Montessori, "students would have traditional choices within walking distance of their homes." CCSD administration can't leave well enough alone. Hursey now contains both traditional and Montessori programs, both of which are equally "diverse," to use the new buzzword. Superintendent McGinley proposed, and the school board rubber-stamped, that the school drop its traditional program.

Take a good look at the map of Hursey's sending district, Cindy. How old must a child be to cross busy Montague Avenue to get to North Charleston Elementary or travel the distance to Chicora?

These are mere details to Coats, who's never had an elementary school student of her own. And she thinks she should be mayor of North Charleston.


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