Monday, March 24, 2014

US Department of Education's Lack of "Critical Thinking" in Dorchester 2 ACT Ruling

The request made so much sense that the U. S. Department of Education shot it down immediately. After all, who do those peons in Dorchester District 2 think they are--President Obama?

Based on the logic that ACT-developed tests make more sense for everyone involved, DD2 requested a waiver (with the full support of the S.C. Board of Education and S.C.'s Superintendent of Education) from taking the PASS. Using the ACT tests could have been a pilot program for the state, which must change the PASS in the next couple of years because of adoption of Common Core standards.

Now the logic of the refusal is that all students in a state must take the same tests, presumably so that one school may be measured against another. Of course, with the ACT-developed tests, all students taking the tests in any state could be measured against each other.

Too logical? The U.S. Department of Education is in competitor College Board's pocket? Opt-outs must not be allowed because they might set a precedent?

Herein lies the evidence of why education should not be run by inside-the-beltway educrats.

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