Wednesday, March 05, 2014

SC's Walk-to-School Day Becomes Bus-to-School Day in CCSD

Children do not get enough exercise, or so experts tell us constantly. They sit to watch TV, play video games, or entertain themselves with the computer or a smart phone. Partly due to lack of suburban sidewalks, many children never walk farther than the end of their driveways. So what to do?

South Carolina, in an effort to encourage more walking, has created its own Walk-to-School Day, one that occurred as scheduled this morning. Local TV showed students walking to Lambs Elementary. What I hoped to see did not materialize: an interview with Superintendent Nancy McGinley of the Charleston County School District explaining her philosophy on walking to school.

Has there been anyone in the entire history of education in the State of South Carolina who has discouraged more students from walking to school?

From her actions and recommendations, the following picture of the McGinley-inspired school district appears: no neighborhood schools and a massive fleet of buses that criss-cross the district at all hours of the day and night ferrying students to and from so-called magnet schools.

Over the next few weeks, while you drive to work past students waiting for the bus in the dark, remember who is responsible for students' not walking to school.

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