Tuesday, December 10, 2013

North Charleston TIF Expansion Agreement with CCSD Murky at Best

What was the quid pro quo for the Charleston County School Board's agreement to forego future tax revenue in an expanded TIF district in North Charleston? The district has so much money that missing increments for the next 15 years don't matter?

Here is the problem in a nutshell: closed-door meetings raise public distrust. The deal was negotiated in closed meeting. Other than voting 4-3 for approval, the district has released no further information. How opaque can the district get?

Of course, that last statement assumes that the reporter didn't ignore statements about the agreement made in open session. You never know.

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Park Circle said...

It is doubtful the reporter understands what a TIF is or how much the school district is kicking in when it agrees to go along with one of these developments.

Why does the Post and Courier jump on Berkeley County with both feet (see today's report on consideration of a new school site in Hanahan) when they attempt to go into executive session for frivolous reasons? When CCSD does this, the same paper gives Charleston County a free pass.

The local daily lost its credibility a long time ago in reporting on CCSD. Either they don't care or the editors are partners in crime with CCSD.