Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CCSD's Planning for Parking Fees a Joke

Evidently the reporter can't remember that part of the Memminger School property was sold off to the College of Charleston on a no-bid basis in April of 2012. Geeze, that's less than a year ago. What short memories we have.

Just think, that piece of property could have been used for parking. Instead, together with those from Buist, the Charleston County School District will spend almost $100,000 per year in parking fees for employees.

Speaking of Buist, district administrators, including Superintendent McGinley, wax poetic over the need for a gym and other spaces, expansion of the old footprint to bring the school amenities provided to other schools. That's the excuse for paying parking fees for Buist employees.

The reporter has also neglected to mention that parents in District 20 (downtown schools) proposed combining Buist and Charleston Progressive, another school being rebuilt at the old Courtenay campus only two blocks away. Several lower grades could have been assigned to the CPA campus and upper grades to the Buist campus, with the existing gym shared by both levels.

Oh, duh. That was just too logical, not to speak of putting a higher percentage of black students into the merged schools.

Here's one of those mathematical word problems:

The proceeds from the sale of the Memminger property went into the operating budget. The fees for parking come out of the operating budget. How many years will pass before the money gained from the sale will be exhausted by parking fees?

And another capital asset will have disappeared.


D20 parent said...

Update (no thanks to the P&C): The sale of Memminger's Wentworth frontage didn't happen. In spite of arguments against it and for on-site parking(just like the one you've given), the administration pushed through this "sale" to the College of Charleston in April 2012. Only they changed their mind when they discovered the critics were right. Once again, CCSD is a day late and a dollar short. Or as Lilly Thomlin used to say, "Nevermind."

Babbie said...

Obviously the P&C is a day late and a dollar short also.

Alex Peronneau said...

You make some very good points about the district's lack of math skills.