Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In CCSD, Broad Graduates Take Care of Their Own Audrey Lane

It couldn't wait. 

It was so important to reward Audrey Lane for her attendance at the Broad Institute, where she learned all about the components of BRIDGE, that fellow Broad-graduate Nancy McGinley insured an almost 19 percent raise for her prior to the district's own salary study report. And the raise is retroactive for 10 months.

Well, what can we expect in a district where at least 30 employees rack up more than $100,000 each and when the superintendent says "Jump" the Board of Trustees say "How high"? Needless to say, none of the most highly paid are teachers, who everyone agrees are the most important component in educating any child.

BROAD "a non-profit" = edublob at work 


Alex Peronneau said...

It's outrageous that a retroactive raise was given at all. Just because the superintendent made a promise that wasn't hers to make, she has no such authority to push the board this way. To keep them in line she then threatens the board by saying the employee "might sue" the district if they don't approve the raise. In some jurisdictions this is called extortion. Where are the "conservatives" on the board who promised transparency when they campaigned for their positions?

CCSD still needs an outside audit but it's not going to happen with the board we have. Not enough members have the courage to do it.

Anonymous said...

Lane is a joke...albeit an expensive one.

St. Andrews parent said...

The school board members who voted for this unprecedented raise without seeing the salary study first should be ashamed. This only proves how gullible Charleston County’s school board still is when it goes along with whatever the superintendent and her staff propose. On too many issues they have no idea what they are doing.

The only source of information many of them are using is Nancy McGinley. In the end, she chooses most, if not all, the information she wants them to see. Without objection from the board chairman, she regularly pulls items from the board's agenda. This is what happens whenever she decides the subject could be embarrassing for her or she just doesn’t want to discuss it in public. Instead she fills the agenda with items designed to show only happy news about the schools and her leadership.

Only the board can give her this power. By not objecting to this charade they have simply abdicated their responsibly as the public’s trustees. The voters trust them to do what’s right for our public schools. Where is the responsible oversight the school board members were elected to provide?

Anonymous said...

But the board members who acquiesce to her keep getting elected, don't they?

Pluff Mudd said...

Put the board members on the spot by calling them. Their phone numbers are listed and so are their e-mail addresses. Let them know exactly how you feel. Tell them you don't agree with giving the bureaucrats so much power. Unless they hear it from a crowd, the district administration will continue to grow out of control.