Friday, November 01, 2013

Future Perspective on the Clemson Monstrosity

Another architect has added his unqualified approval to the "pierced concrete" Clemson building proposed for the corner of Meeting and George Streets. Mark Sloan, of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston, believes that the proposed design is just dandy. In fact, it "will win over any detractors within its first year of operation."

No doubt, Sloan would have approved knocking down one of the old mansions surrounded by its peers, say this one, for example:

and replacing it with a nice mid-century modern such as this one:

Wouldn't that have been great? Who would want a row of houses that resemble each other?

That change would have been "relevant" in the 1950s, just as Sloan wants to be "relevant" now. 

Okay, sixty years later, who (besides Sloan) would want it in the middle of lower King?

Beware of those who want change to remain relevant. If Charleston had gone down that road in mid-century, it wouldn't be the tourist destination it is today, living museum or not.

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