Monday, November 11, 2013

Common Core Hurried into Fruition Too Fast

Sunday's paper contained a Letter to the Editor about the experiences of one math teacher using the new Common Core standards. Sometimes it seems that this new fad was hurried into schools before opposition could build! 
"Daniel Ruth’s Nov. 4 op-ed on Common Core seemed to suggest that I am both illiterate and ignorant because I have reservations about Common Core. 
"I am skeptical for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Common Core is being implemented by government agencies, albeit not necessarily the federal government, and we all know what a stellar job most government agencies do in implementing complex programs. (Need I mention Obamacare?)
"But, the primary reason I have reservations is that I have a daughter who is in the first year of teaching Common Core (mathematics specifically), and it is an unmitigated disaster. The curriculum was issued late (with portions not issued even now), and for those who teach more than one math subject, that is a significant problem.
"When teachers complain to the administration, they are told to do the best they can since even administrators know you need lead time to prepare lesson plans with a new curriculum.
"Well-intentioned teachers are beyond frustrated since they are not able to teach the subject matter to the levels they had with the prior curriculum because they do not have the time to prepare study aids, support notes, etc.
"I would suggest Mr. Ruth talk to some teachers who are under Common Core requirements rather than the 45 governors and educators whom he references. My guess is few, if any, of the educators are classroom teachers.
Jeff Weiner
Legends Club Drive
Mount Pleasant

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