Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Critical Thinking not Exclusive to Common Core Standards

Good grief! Some days I feel like Charlie Brown.

Today's Letter to the Editor from a retired teacher made me wonder what had been going on in her classroom for the last 35 years. In her 36th year, she states, using the Common Core standards, she required critical thinking from her students! She made this statement to defend the Common Core:
"I asked my students to critically read various pieces related to our curriculum and respond to given questions. Their responses were to be reflective of the reading, which meant they had to justify their responses based on evidence in the reading."
Apparently this social studies teacher got this strategy from collaboration with an English teacher.

Frankly, this admission is breath-taking. Why wouldn't this teacher have used such strategies previously? Does she believe that the writers of Common Core standards invented them?

Her letter is not the intended defense of the Common Core; it is an indictment of the cluelessness of a few (I hope!) teachers who don't understand how to teach. 

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