Thursday, April 09, 2009

Other Shoe Drops for Fraser in CCSD

Can I say "I told you so"? Sometimes I wonder how the P & C lives with itself. It was obvious months ago that school redesign was all about Superintendent McGinley's crowing that her marvelous leadership has led to no additional threatened state takeovers of CCSD schools. Yet that obvious fact was never, never mentioned in the P & C's reporting.

Now the secret is out that Fraser must be closed at the end of this year; otherwise, it becomes a Palmetto Priority School in lieu of state takeover. What a horrible thought to McGinley--losing control of yet another set of students.

Here is the "news" article's statement, taken verbatim one supposes, from McGinley's lips: "The county's schools have benefited from the district retaining control [. . .]."

And we know they've benefited because McGinley says so! What passes for reporting these days.

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