Thursday, April 16, 2009

Online School Enthusiasm Reflects Discontent

Homeschool? How about online charter schools? Not for the faint of heart or those without time to supervise their children's education, state-approved online charter schools fill the gap for homeschooling parents unsure about their ability in every subject their children need to study--and everyone should be! Parents unhappy about their children's daily experiences in poorly disciplined schools and high school dropouts should also take notice.

Today's P & C article touts the benefits [see Online Charter Schools a Big Hit] and the initial enthusiasm for this recent development in South Carolina's public education. The website [] presents some interesting choices for diverse students.

As with the voucher idea, online charters make possible an end run around the CCSD schools and Superintendent McGinley for those with children in school right now, not at some pie-in-the-sky later date when the schools are "fixed."


Anonymous said...

You sound just like Marvin Stewart. I miss him and wish he was on our school board. He, too, has stated how sick he is of "plans" -
A 5 year plan stinks for a kid in school now.

Babbie said...

I wish Marvin were there, too. And thanks for the compliment.