Friday, April 24, 2009

CCSD Plans Value-Added Compensation

Let's hope that 75 Calhoun will be more transparent about the statistics behind its new teacher compensation plan that Superintendent McGinley proudly announced Thursday. [Teachers To Get Cash for Success]

While most of us can agree that compensating bad teachers at the same rate as good ones seems wrong, the idea of assessing teacher effectiveness with statistical comparisons has its pitfalls. How good are the statistics? It makes those of us who have watched CCSD finagle other numbers nervous!

More reactions:
  • Using statistics to generate a best-teacher list negates the duty of administrators to recognize them--maybe a good idea?
  • Will $500 energize teachers to reach all students? It almost seems like an insult.
  • Imagine listening to McGinley for most of 40 minutes "touting the district's accomplishments this past year."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Insult it is and more teaching to the test! My child brings home the PASS practice every week...2 parents with college degrees sometimes can't figure out the answer they want. It seems like they are trying to trick the children!!!