Thursday, June 15, 2017

Teachers Seen, Not Heard, in Charleston County Schools

There's no secret about it: any teacher who voices an opinion in the Charleston County School District does so at her own peril--of her job. That's policy. 

It's also no secret that the responsibility for whether students learn or not now falls on teachers instead of parents. What a thought! How could parents be responsible for little Henry's lack of vocabulary, incorrigible behavior, and vulgar language? Hence, the value-added factory-widget-production-line mindset of educrats. If only that teacher had correctly taught poor little Henry, his test scores would have soared.

Yeah, right.

Every single assistant superintendent, principal, and assistant principal should be teaching in a classroom as part of his or her job description. Not only would teacher shortages be relieved, but experience on the front lines would speak more loudly to them than any "listening session"! 

Ah, yes. When pigs fly.Image result for teaching memes funny

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Anonymous said...

finally, you and i see eye to eye. i have always believed that admins, especially those in central positions, should be required to return to the classroom to retain their certification. they should teach for a minimum of one 45 day quarter. they would have to do every requirement a classroom teacher has to perform...lesson plans, conferences, grading, report cards, meeting, after school performances, committees, projects, meetings, recess duty, field trips, lack of resources, spending personal funds for classroom and children, and teaching a diverse group of students.