Friday, June 30, 2017

CCSD's Progressive Discipline = Progressive Disaster?

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Principals and teachers dare not complain. Yet sometimes we actually hear from students who want to learn in an orderly classroom. Here's what Gerrida Postlewait "listened" to:
"Students from West Ashley High praised a few school leaders as mentors and said the school feels like a family — but they also complained about the district's new Progressive Discipline Plan, which they felt had led to a particularly unruly year marred by a series of fights on campus. 
"West Ashley senior Siara Spratt said the school had seven fights in a single day this year. She said a handful of repeat offenders were to blame, and she felt the gradual punishments and interventions meted out under the new plan were sending the wrong message. 
"Just keep giving them strikes, and they're going to keep on doing it," Siara 
Here's what the student is talking about: high-school fights as a Level 2 category:

How about the effects on learning? Nah, not so important.


Tony Geinzer said...

I feel Charleston doesn't know the difference between Under the Radar and Under the Gun from critics. I don't necessarily like speaking on education, but, I feel the expulsion process has been taken out of school and that is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Bleeding heart liberals.