Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CCSD School Board Pay: Too Much Too Soon

Flying under the radar may be fine when attacking the enemy, but the Charleston County taxpayers deserve better treatment. Let me be among the first to say that the elected members of the Charleston County School Board are underpaid. However, the rush to fix the problem will create more furor than the increase is worth. Let's slow down!

What a strange coincidence that the two school board members who voted against the salary are two of the most well-heeled among the group. No, it's not. 

People who are not independently wealthy should be able to serve too.

 More importantly, those currently on the school board should NOT vote themselves an immediate increase. Each needs to run for re-election first. This requirement would also alleviate the need to hit this year's budget with a half-a-million increase. The cost could be met in phases. Certainly, voters should have the right to say who gets the new increase.

Second, missing board meetings should hurt paid members in their pocketbooks. Why not make the salary less and the pay for each meeting more? What if members received $300 per meeting?

Given time, the board should forge a really effective increase that would encourage those who are qualified to serve in the future.

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