Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Uppity Parents Threatened by DD2 Coach; Father Punches


My previous posting about Dorchester District 2's grading scandal (see Monday, July 11) avoided mentioning the assistant coach's name because of my belief that Joey Still was not acting alone. Further information has not changed my mind on that point, but the reported altercation between the biology-teaching coach and the Mouzons sheds a different and troubling light.

See police-parent-punched-fort-dorchester-coach-months-before-raising-complaint

One aspect that troubles is the police officer's inability to spell the coach's name correctly. Isn't identifying both victim and perpetrator part of the officer's job?

Aside from that failing, which confused reporting of the complaint, let's review what appear to be the facts: “During this conversation, (Still) states that he told [Mrs. Mouzon] that he would make sure that the suspect’s child did not get accepted into athletics in college,” an officer wrote in the report." Then Mr. Mouzon, the child's father, hit him. Still called the police, who charged Mouzon with third-degree assault for unlawfully injuring Still.

Do we know what the argument was about? No. Do we know the extent of Still's injuries? No. Do we know the outcome of the charge against Mouzon? No.

Typical non-reporting of details by our local rag.

Amos Mouzon should not have hit Still. Nevertheless, it's not hard to see why he lost his temper. Still's own statement irrevocably damaged his effectiveness as a coach, and Fort Dorchester's principal should fire him for this incident alone, much less for allegations of inflating football players' biology grades.

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