Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Progressive" Discipline in CCSD Needs a Name Change

Perception can make or break the success of a new program of any kind. Words have meanings and words also have connotations. "Progressive" generally means "happening in stages." Surely, the Charleston County School District had that definition in mind for its proposed new discipline program.

Unfortunately, we are also in the political season. In politics, "progressive" connotates liberalism bordering on socialism--the "progressive" wing of the Democrat party. Why saddle a program meant to soothe feelings with such a loaded title? With this name, "some people may say we're getting too lax." as retiring CCSD board member Tom Ducker suggested.

Well, it sounds like it.

When students arrive at school in August (that's next month, folks), the school-based drug intervention program that Alternative Programs Director Jennifer Coker announced must be in place if the new approach is to succeed.

On the other hand, Micah Blaise's pronouncement that schools have been acting as a pipeline to prison is just plain silly. Schools first notice the behaviors that lead to prison because that's where students first must socialize and adapt to rules. Suggesting that school discipline leads to later prison is ludricrous.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually have a copy of the new Discipline plan? The CCSD site is down at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The site is now up; however, THE PLAN is nowhere to be seen. Apparent links for it are mysteriously broken.