Wednesday, February 24, 2016

True Single Member Districts Needed for CCSD

No doubt most Charleston County residents, if they ever think about it, assume all of the state's school districts have the same rules. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Dorchester District 2 (mostly Summerville) made news recently when the state House of Representatives unanimously agreed that the district should have single-member geographic districts. Also, legislators are scrutinizing granting the DD2 School Board's budget freedom from oversight by the Dorchester County Council.

It's time for the Charleston County School Board to have true single-member districts as well. At present, the elected members must reside in individual geographical areas, but they are elected in the district at large. Why should a resident of North Charleston who gains the backing of the powers-that-be in Mt. Pleasant be guaranteed election? It's time to stop pretending that the interests of differing areas of the county are identical. Let's see someone prove that, please.

Besides DD2's legal budget oversight, several other districts in the state must submit budgets to their local county councils for approval. If CCSD had had such a system in place for the past few years, perhaps we wouldn't be looking at a millions-of-dollars shortfall.

Just sayin'

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