Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Holding School District Employees Accountable in CCSD Budget Shortfall

Will it actually happen? Will the Charleston County School District auditors find that certain individuals mishandled funds? The problem is bureaucracy: how can individuals be held accountable? Too long we've heard the mantra, "Mistakes were made," thus laying the blame on no one.

James Winbush, at present an Associate Superintendent in CCSD, thinks his close association with ex-superintendent McGinley has targeted him for the blame in mishandling of "private donations he received in support of community  projects." Postlewaite ostensibly told the school board that $40 to $50,000 was "unaccounted for." Also, the Innovation Zone Learning Community that Winbush oversaw "overspent its budget for an extended-year program by $200,000. 

Here is an example of what taxpayers suspect wrong with the district's finances. Winbush may well have had the best interests of students at heart. The milieu at the Taj Mahal did not expect good bookkeeping or staying within budget.

Such practices end up as a $18 million shortfall. Will Winbush claim that "everybody was doing it"?

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