Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CCSD's Postlewait Reverses McGinley's Pet Project

Back in December 2013, a little over two years ago, many Charleston County educational advocates voiced their unhappiness at then-Superintendent Nancy McGinley's plans for teacher evaluation based on "value-added" measures, as though students are widgets on an assembly line. At the time even Diane Ravitch criticized McGinley's plans. McGinley's response to criticisms of her BRIDGE program:
"Superintendent Nancy McGinley responded to criticism by saying the district wants to work with teachers and celebrate and reward their success. She said some of this negativity isn't supported by facts, and she encouraged the public to check out the district's BRIDGE website for more information."
The $23 million grant gained from the federal government by CCSD was part of nearly $1 billion set aside for such programs. As with many federal programs, it was a bust, but we might not be hearing about it if not for the district's stumbling over a major shortfall in its budget. As with most federal incentives, the plan had other costs. McGinley planned to expand the program to all Charleston County Schools next school year--at a cost of $5 million beyond the federal grant.

CCSD used funds from the federal program to pay 24 employees to spend their days "evaluating teachers under the incentive fund standards." That's almost two employees per school (13 were involved). 

Waste. Waste. Waste. Ten million was spent. Teachers and administrators received under $700,000 in incentives. And the program didn't work.

Why do I surmise that the principals and teachers in those 13 schools could have found better ways to spend $10 million?

A perfect example of unnecessary federal intrusion and waste of your tax dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Watch the personnel video on youtube under Board of trustees. She wants to keep those 24 and spread them across the district. How about get rid of them, they failed. That would save the district over a million dollars!