Thursday, May 01, 2014

SC Senate Gets the Message on Common Core

It  may be a bit late, but the South Carolina State Senate woke up this week to ban Common Core standards from state schools beginning in 2015-16. South Carolina will return to using its own standards.

Now we merely must cope with the mess to be cleaned up over the next two years.

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Anonymous said...

It becomes an even bigger mess. The students are map tested now on a harder common core test of which norms are not even set up for. They just started it. The question is how will the Bridge project be accurate if the standards don't match the test. The test is based on old data. It is a mess. Teachers will be judged on numbers that don't even exist yet. NWEA states the map data is based on the old test. What a messed up system.
It's like studying a book and getting a test on a different book and then seeing how well students do based on the old test scores for comparison. makes sense?